About Scream In The Night

Ever since I can remember I've been a big fan of Halloween. One of my earliest memories of that wonderful holiday was when I was either four or five years old. My next door neighbor, Jeff, myself and our dads went down the block trick-or-treating.

Near the end of the street was a house that had a dark curtain hung across the open doorway. Our dads stayed back and Jeff and I carried on our conversation and casually approached. As we drew within a few feet of the doorbell, the curtain was suddenly thrown back and someone in an ape suite jumped out and yelled (probably "Boo!", but it could have been anything).

Wow, did he frighten us! I sprinted back to the safety of the dads while Jeff tore on by, right across the street.

My dad encouraged me to go back and get my treat. I looked, and the ape beckoned with a full bag of M&M's in his hand. This was by far the best treat I had seen up to this point, but there was no way I was walking up there to get it. Jeff wouldn't even approach the house and the most I would do was put one foot up on the step at the end of his porch (about 20 feet away). Finally, the ape started laughing and tossed the M&M's to within a few feet of me. I screwed up my courage, ran the few steps to get them and sprinted away.

I can't be sure, but I think the combination of the fear and reward enchanted me. Ghost stories, yard projects and anything spooky are still great fun for me. That passion has resulted in this website. I hope you enjoy it and would love to hear from you - either through the contact form or comments at the end of any of the posts.


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